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Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise specifically stated, none of the details presented on this website may be construed as an offer, request, undertaking, or other obligation that is binding on Amiedu. Information of general character on the site shall not be applicable as such to individual cases. Further details of training and services offered shall be available by telephone or through transactions in person with Amiedu.
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Amiedu shall not be liable for expenses, loss or other damage arising from use of this website, or for any loss of access or data associated with the use of this service.

User liability

The user of the site shall be liable for any damage caused to the publisher of the site or to any third party through any use of materials included in the site in a manner that is contrary to these terms and conditions, or to legislation, official regulations or good practice. Liability for copyright compensation shall be governed by chapter 7 of the Finnish Copyright Act (Tekijänoikeuslaki, no. 404 of 1961), and the associated criminal liability shall be governed by the said chapter and by chapter 49 of the Finnish Penal Code (Rikoslaki, no. 39 of 1889).

Liability for information provided and assignments issued

The user of the website shall be liable for the accuracy and safe delivery of any information that the user submits through the website.

Recording of information

Amiedu shall be entitled to record and analyse any information concerning transactions on the website for the purpose of improving service quality and functionality. Amiedu may also procure such information from reliable third parties. It will not be possible to identify any individual from the data collected.

Other terms and conditions

This website and the information contained therein are intended for the Finnish market and for residents of Finland unless otherwise specially agreed or stated. Amiedu reserves the right to modify the content or terms and conditions of use of the website, or to discontinue the service. Amiedu shall be entitled to interrupt service provision for the duration of servicing and updating procedures.

Applicable law

The relationship between Amiedu and the user of this website shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Finland. All disputes shall be settled at the District Court of Helsinki.