International operations – serving our customers and building best practices

Amiedu grows with its customers, and many of our corporate partners and long-term business customers now operate in an international arena. The Amiedu service offering is based on individual solutions meeting the specific requirements of each customer’s business situation. A consultative approach ensures the ability to implement specified development projects and process improvement programmes in line with the needs of customer organisations in each individual market.
As an adult education specialist with an extensive network of partners and a focus on effective results, Amiedu continually enhances its international expertise and service provision within a framework of core areas: Business and working life, Service solutions, Project management and Adult education competencies.

Building best practices

Amiedu is a long-serving member of various international networks in the field of vocational adult education, which provide an excellent medium for sharing experiences and learning from peers. The needs of corporate customers and private individuals in diverse circumstances and the service solutions of national adult education providers have proved to be a fruitful field of study.
Amiedu focuses its international benchmarking and project operations on opportunities provided through the Finnish Ministry of Education and arising from its own active dialogue with chambers of commerce and adult education operators in various European countries.