What is immigrant integration training?

Integration training helps immigrants in Finland to find their place in the social, academic and working world. The training focuses on the language and culture of Finland, and often forms part of the immigrant’s individual integration plan.
Applicants seeking to begin studying the Finnish language or to embark on vocational training should contact the local employment and economic development office for assistance in finding suitable training. Guidance is also available from the Amiedu customer service unit and from specific course directors.

Integration plan

The Employment and Economic Development Office and your local authority will prepare an integration plan for you when you enrol as an unemployed jobseeker at an employment and economic development office and/or seek income support from your local social welfare bureau.
The integration plan will include measures to improve your language ability and equip you with the skills required for further studies and the world of work. The plan includes an agreement on such matters as integration training, on-the-job training, supplementary skills training to meet the requirements of working in Finland, or participation in voluntary pursuits arranged by organisations. An immigrant integration plan will also help you to find work that corresponds to any skills that you may already possess through vocational training and work experience in your country of origin.

Integration assistance

After your integration plan has been completed you will be eligible for integration assistance from the Social Insurance Institution (KELA). This integration assistance corresponds to the labour market subsidy paid to unemployed workers. Test your language skills A language skills test will give you an estimate of your current competence in the Finnish language. Your local employment and economic development office will refer you for such testing on request, and will then propose a suitable course and advise you on enrolment procedures.
You may also apply for public language examinations arranged by Amiedu. Further details of these examinations are available from the National Board of Education.

Finnish language courses for the world of work

These special courses focus on the vocabulary and expressions that are used at work in Finland. The work experience element of the course provides an opportunity to learn the Finnish language on the job while gaining practical experience of working in various occupations. These courses are arranged as employment policy training, and are open to participants applying via local employment and economic development offices.