Amiedu is your partner for better business

The best comprehensive packages for enhancing the skills of your staff Amiedu’s service approach is based on learning to understand the customer’s business, analysing development and training needs, and setting clear goals for training. We design the best comprehensive solutions for customer requirements and provide the best service packages to meet them. We assess the quality and effectiveness of our operations and build service partnerships.
We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of this approach. The goals of co-operation are based on the customer’s business strategy. Mutually agreed specific objectives, operational benchmarks, regular steering group meetings and transparency establish a relationship of trust with the customer leading to concrete results in the customer’s business operations.
Effective service is assured by:
  • customising services for industries,
  • enterprises and individuals,
  • comprehensive service packages,
  • long-term partnership,
  • and good value for money.

How to learn to be the best

Amiedu training programmes focus on learning the skills and competencies that are essential in the modern workplace. We seek to make learning an increasingly personal matter, through an individual and guided approach to training. We make use of a variety of learning environments – workplaces, classrooms and the Internet based learning solutions