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Amiedu is Finland’s leading vocational adult education centre, serving the educational and training needs of some 22,000 adults every year. The training programmes and competence development services of Amiedu provide a wide range of opportunities for enhancing the skills of individuals, work teams and organisations. Almost 4,000 adult students are involved in our various training activities on a daily basis.
Our services include over 80 vocational qualifications, nearly 40 certification programmes, various short courses and cutting-edge seminars – all under one roof. All services feature innovative content and a range of learning methods. We also administer course logistics and provide advice on financing solutions.
Adult education in Finland seeks to support lifelong learning, improve social coherence and equality, and enhance the knowledge base and skills of adults. Amiedu commits a policy of individual guidance and planned learning that enables adults to benefit from previously acquired competencies and to study in a flexible way while working. Amiedu training programmes are conducted in the Finnish language.

Our vision and values

The vision of Amiedu is to be the leading vocational skills development partner and a centre of quality and excellence in vocational adult education. Our values are social responsibility, effectiveness, reliability and creativity.

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