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New competencies and skills through adult education!

Are you thinking about…

  • a change of occupation?
  • progressing in your career?
  • certifying your competencies
Amiedu provides a wide range of training and learning alternatives for you to choose from, including qualifications, certificates and training programs in more than 14 vocational fields.
Studies at Amiedu are planned and delivered in a flexible and practical manner. We plan a personal  learning plan together with you taking into consideration your current competencies, skills and abilities. Apprenticeship training and multi-method study arrangements also enable participants to study while working full time. Amiedu offers personal guidance, various e-learning alternatives and on-the-job training.
All of our training services and learning processes are conducted in Finnish language.

Career guidance

We provide guidance and support when you are wrestling with challenging questions in the field of adult education, vocational qualification and career change. Our information, advisory and counselling services will help you choose your own way forward.

How can I finance my studies?

Various options are available for financing vocational studies at Amiedu. The subsidies payable for adult education and the grounds for granting them vary according to the form of training and learning arrangements chosen, and the background and work experience of the course participant. Training and learning alternatives may be financed privately by the student, through the educational and labour administration, by private enterprises, or under special projects.

We warmly invite you to study at Amiedu!

Amiedu can provide details of various training opportunities and occupations, together with guidance in seeking job or study placements.

Amiedu customer service
telephone +358 10 80 80 90
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