Proficiency test for Hygiene Passport

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Ajankohta 22.11.2016
Aika 12:00 - 14:00
Ilmoittautuminen/ Hakeminen 18.8.2016 mennessä

Tavoitteet ja hyödyt

Goals and benefits
The purpose of the test is to show vocational competence according to the Food Act (and amendment) by passing the hygiene proficiency test formed by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira.


Target group
The proficiency test for Hygiene Passport is aimed for people who handle unpackaged easily perishable foods in their work and who do not have a vocational degree in the field.


Taking the test
Schedule for tests spring 2016:
6.9.2016 (in English)
22.11.2016 (in English)

Time allocated for answering is 45 minutes for regular test (Finnish & Swedish) but there is no time limit for special situation tests (eg. English) One may leave the testing premises at the earliest 20 minutes after the test started.

The test is based on the information that will be found on the homepages of the Finnish Foods Safety Authority Evira ja


Food hygiene proficiency is regulated by the general EU regulation on the hygiene of foodstuffs (852/2004/EU, Appendix I, part A section 4 subsection e and section 5 subsection d, as well as Appendix II Chapter 12 section 1) and the national Food Act (23/2006, with amendment) and Evira’s specification on hygiene proficiency (1/2009).

The subjects in the test are

  • Basics of microbiology and food contamination
  • Food poisonings
  • Hygienic working methods
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • In-house control
  • Authorities and legislation


The price of the English test is 70 € / person, renewal of a test taken at Amiedu is 25 € / test / person. The price includes the test, the certificate and the hygiene proficiency card, granted by Evira. Prices include VAT 24 %.

Group prices and special test occasions for enterprises are agreed on separately.


Terms of participation
The participant needs to have a receipt of the test payment, paid in advance and an identification with a picture approved by an official (police): official identification card, passport or driver's licence. If the payer is an enterprise, receipt will not be needed, thus the company will be invoiced after the test.

Only participants who have a receipt can take part in the test. The payment cannot be done in cash. Instructions for payment will be sent by email together with the invitation. The receipts and personal identification will be checked before the test begins.


Cancellation terms
If you are unable to participate in the test due to a severe hindrance, you can cancel your participation 14 days before the test. For cancellations after this 50 % of the fee will be invoiced.

If the cancellation is done 1-7 days before the test, or is not cancelled at all, the whole fee will be invoiced as cancellation fee.

It is possible to change the participant to another person by informing Amiedu about it in advance.


Test location Amiedu
Valimotie 8
00380 Helsinki


Please fill in the electronic registration form on this page.
Please register two weeks before the test. Test participants will be accepted in registration order. Invitation and closer details about arrival will be sent later by email.
The registration is binding.

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More information

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Training Assistant
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